Panther Pit & Mustang Munchies

Pit/Munchie Training

[Prepare to serve]

The Panther Pit (located at Pine View High School) and the Mustang Munchies (located at Crimson Cliffs High School) are the JROTC school snack shops. Sales are held during lunch each day and sometimes at basketball games (PV only). The Pit and Munchies are cadet manned- cadets run the show! Boosters are there to support, deliver supplies, and count income. Please see the Pit and Munchies Boosters for more information if you would like to help out! To sign up for the Sales Remind texts, text @9ab3ae6 to 81010.


   *There is a mandatory IN-PERSON training that must be completed before working in the Pit or at the Munchies. 

   *Training can be done one-on-one anytime Quynh, Shannon, or Darren are working a shift. See the calendar below for shift dates. Please contact Quynh, Shannon, or Darren IN ADVANCE to schedule the in-person training. Post training notes/reminders can be seen below the calendar.

   *You must also have passed the fingerprinting with the district. 

VP of Sales:

Shelli Barnum (435-668-5602)

Pit Leadership:

Quynh Wall (435-705-1209)

Munchies Leadership:

Shannon Brown (435-632-8995)

Pit/Munchies Training Notes

For training to work in the Pit/Munchies, please reach out to the Booster Leadership (Anji for Pit or Shannon for Munchies). Basic guidelines can be reviewed below:

Munchies and Pit open at 11:00. Booster needs to arrive at the school by 10:40. BE SURE TO CHECK THE CALENDAR FOR ASSEMBLY DAYS!

Opening Tasks:

*There will be two pizzas on Monday and three pizzas Tuesday through Thursday depending on what is being served for lunch each day.

Pit: Pizza is delivered by Hungry Howies (Go to the Wing to get Pizza)

Munchies: Booster picks up pizza at Domino’s (on River Road) at 10:30

*Get the box from the finance office and count the box. (If the box is off please text Anji or Shannon). Do not take anything bill higher than a $20. Record the amount on the white reconciliation sheet and the amount of pizzas on the yellow sheet.

Pit: The box will have $100 ($40 in 1’s, $45 is 5’s, and $15 in quarters)

Munchies: The box will have $200.

*Sign in on the yellow sheet.

*Pull the cookies and muffins from the refrigerator.

*Display any price signs.

*Take the chips, candy, Frazil etc 

Pit: Get the black cart out

Munchies: From the closet and bring them into the Munchies.

Lunch Sales:

*Once the cadets arrive make sure they sign-in on the yellow sheet.  If the cadets do not show-up let Jada (Munchies) or Bridger (Pit) know.

*When both cadets are there, then you can send one cadet at a time to get lunch, if needed.

*The boosters main responsibility during the shift is to collect money (cadets CANNOT touch the money) and verify Venmo payments.

*Venmo needs to be paid to Pine View with the notes stating ROTC.  If it does not state it is for us it will go to Pine View HS and not our program. Verify it goes through. You must also check the date to make sure they are paying for a current order.

*During the shift cadets should be making sure everything is stocked and restock if needed.  

Closing Tasks:

*Cadets should make sure everything is stocked and put away.

*Everything should be put back in our cabinets except the Frazil machine, water or the candy cart.

*Do not put anything on the open shelves or take anything off the open shelves.  The open shelves belong to the student council.

*Make sure that the cadets wipe down the counters, and clean-up any messes that may occur.  The room needs to look better than when we got there.  We share this space with another group.

*The Frazil machine needs to be full up to the line and additional jugs should be filled in the refrigerator.

*Check the closets to make sure that they are locked, and that the Frazil machine is plugged in.

You must stay until after the count. The Count Booster needs to be at the school by 11:55. Both boosters must count the box, not just watch one person counting the box.  Complete the reconciliation sheet and record the profit for the day on the yellow sheet.  The Munchies reconciliation sheet will go over with the count to Pine View.  

Munchies: Please leave $200 in the box.  Leave the smallest bills possible in the box. Return the box to the finance secretary (Lori Rea).

Please make one final check to make sure everything is locked and clean. 

Should you have any issues, contact Shelli (but not really), Quynh (Pit), or Shannon (Munchies).