Bataan Death March


[in commemoration of]

The Bataan Death March is a 14-mile commemoratory hike. It is an AWESOME experience. Tough. Memorable. Meaningful.

Notes from 4.25.2023 Booster Meeting

*Booster Friday Arrival Time: 4:45 am at PVHS (If hauling a trailer- 4:30 am!)

   -Boosters reporting to PVHS: Aaron, Angela, Cindy, Tanja, Sarah, Jessica, Ben, Randall, Megan.

   -Boosters reporting to HHS: Quhyn, Sarah

   -Boosters Driving Private Vehicles: Shelli, LaMont, Ben, Randall

*Saturday Completion Time: 12:00 pm at PVHS

   -Boosters Staying for Service Project: LaMont, Ben, Randall, Jerran

*Please refer to the ITINERARY (see left side of screen) for additional details regarding timeline and a packing list.

*BOOSTERS can pack what they feel they will need. The list for the cadets is a basic guide, but can be adjusted at Booster discretion for the Booster. Boosters, please do NOT feel the need to wear your Booster shirt! Dress comfortably for a 14 mile hike! Good shoes! 

*Boosters also need to pack a lunch for the hike! And snacks are always a good idea. A small, comfortable day pack to carry lunch, snacks, a water bottle, sunscreen, and anything else, would be wise to bring.

*Pack warm clothes for the evening (about 40* at night), as well as toiletries/towel/shower shoes for evening showers. Also bring any camping supplies you may need (flashlight, camp chair, tent, sleeping bag, pad, cot, etc.)

*We will have 118 Cadets for the 2023 hike.

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