BOoster Basics

[Boostering 101]

Becoming an active Booster is a life-changing experience! Volunteer to help and be a part of this amazing program. Get to know the cadets- they are an incredible group of youth!

To-Do List:

Step 1- Register as a new booster. Fill out the form on the "New Booster Registration" page.

Step 2- Get your background and finger printing completed with WCSD. See the "Background Check" page.

Step 3- Complete your driving certification. This is not required, but it is really helpful to have. It is a quick, 15 minute training. See the "Driving Certification" page.

Step 4- Order a Booster shirt (see below) and get involved!! The cadets are worth the time!!


  -When you sign up for an event, be sure to wear sunglass and a protective hat! Boosters should also wear their Booster shirts so cadets can identify who is boostering.

  -Always have sunscreen. Smother the cadets in it!!

  -Be sure to hydrate... not only yourself, but the cadets too.

  -Take pictures! Post the pictures to the Pine View AFJROTC Facebook page.

  -Keep the Med Bag with you on CIA Trips. At service events, be sure to have a couple basic first aid items (band aides, Motrin) in your personal bag.

  -Small treats (Hi-Chews, Jolley Ranchers, etc) to share are never a bad idea, but they are not required. :)

  -Get to know the other Boosters... we are a pretty amazing group.

Subscribe to our Remind App: Text @272964 to 81010

$$ Booster Bucks $$

Booster Bucks are earned by Boosters by volunteering to help chaperone different service events. Each month Boosters report their service hours to the Booster President to tally earned Booster Bucks. Booster Bucks are passed out at the Booster meetings on the first Thursday of each month. Booster Bucks can help pay expenses (CIA Trips) for the Booster, or course fees/CIA trips for their cadet(s). They can be redeemed at the PVHS finance office.

Ordering a Booster Shirt & ROTC Apparel

ORDERS DUE BY: Orders closed

Orders Ready By: Orders closed for 2022-23 school year

Whenever Boosters chaperone an event, it is important cadets can identify who the Boosters are. Hence, the Booster shirt. (See an example to the left... Booster Mama's!) Boosters usually get their name embroidered on the shirt so cadets know how to address you. "Mama LAST NAME" or "Papa LAST NAME" are traditional names to get embroidered. However, you can put whatever name you want the cadets to address you by. 

Booster shirts can be purchased here:


Please be aware the link for the Booster apparel is only open for a limited time each year! Order ASAP!

In addition to purchasing a Booster shirt, also consider purchasing a winter PT set (hoodie, pants, and a shirt) at the PVHS finance office. Once paid for, take the receipt to the Cadre to get your gear.

MED Bags

MED Bags are carried at events by Boosters. The MED bags have over-the-counter medications, first aid supplies, sunscreen, female hygiene items, and any prescription medications for cadets (if on a CIA trip). Cadets are responsible for asking for prescription medications as needed. Usually the MED bags are stored in the JROTC classrooms or they can be retrieved from Heather Ipson (VP of Events).

Sales: Panther Pit & Mustang Munchies

The Panther Pit (located at Pine View High School) and the Mustang Munchies (located at Crimson Cliffs High School) are the JROTC school snack shops. Sales are held during lunch each day and sometimes at basketball games (PV only). The Pit and Munchies are cadet manned- cadets run the show! Boosters are there to support, deliver supplies, and count income. Please see the Pit (Barb Riddle) and Munchies (Amanda Sturm) Boosters for more information if you would like to help out! There is a mandatory training that must be completed before working in the Pit or at the Munchies. For training please reach out to Darren Chase (VP of Sales).

Annual Events & Activities

Academy Night- Evening event usually held in early fall to educate cadets and parents on Academy avenues after graduation. Great tips and suggestions are given to help cadets be successful in reaching their goals. 

Parents Night- Evening event held in early fall to introduced parents to the program, the cadre, and the boosters organization.

Service Events- Events boosters help chaperone cadets at. These usually happen several times a month. Be sure to check REMIND APP texts to volunteer for events.

Bataan Death March- Annual event held in the spring, usually held at Clear Creek Ranch. It is a commemorative experience for the cadets/participants. 

Christmas Party- Annual event held in December. A dinner for cadets and family members. Usually a cadet run talent show is included. Great company, good food, and awesome entertainment. Cadets will RSVP for families.

Military Ball- Annual event usually held in the the spring. Cadets, Cadre and guests are welcome to attend. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

National Awards Night- Evening event usually held in the spring. Local and national awards are distributed to cadets.

Change of Command Breakfast- Annual event held at then end of third quarter/start of 4th quarter to change the JROTC staff. Families are welcome. Cadets will RSVP for families.

End of Year Picnic- Annual event held at then end of the school year to celebrate the year. Families are welcome. Cadets will RSVP for families.

Summer Orientation- Annual event (4 days) to introduce new cadets to the program, usually held at Clear Creek Ranch in June. 

 Booster History

Booster President History

2022- Current: Megan Carter

2020-2022: Jamie Egbert

2017-2020: Jill Parra

2016-17: Candice Lang